How To Plan A Safe And Happy Road Trip For Your Children

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Taking a trip as a family is a terrific way to see new places, have new experiences and build memories that will last a lifetime. Preparing to take that trip, however, can be a process that requires a great deal of time and planning. This can be especially true if the vacation involves a road trip. While travelling by car does allow you to see more of the sights and make stops whenever you feel like it, it can also leave kids feeling restless after long hours in their seats. With a few tricks and a little creativity, road trips can be a fun and enjoyable experience for both you and your children. By following the tips below, you’ll be on your way to making your road trip vacation a fun and safe event!


Make a Luggage List – Clothes and Stuff

Trip planning is always an easier process when it’s organized. Start by making a packing list for each member of your family to ensure that nothing essential ends up left behind. Since children often require a longer list than adults, it’s a good idea to walk through their room to make sure you’ve accounted for everything they’ll need. Things to pack in your children’s luggage should include clothing items, toiletries, medications, shoes, bathing suits, pyjamas, night lights, baby monitors, binkies, bottles, favourite stuffed animals, blankets and anything else your child will need to be safe and comfortable while away from home.

Make a Car List – Car Seat, Games & Wipes

After the suitcases are loaded, your kids will need a variety of things to make their long hours in the car a more comfortable experience. Make sure you bring the most safety and comfortable car seat such as Daiichi Car Seat. Some other great items to stow in your vehicle include snacks, treats, drinks, diapers, easy-to-play games, books, movies, plenty of music, a favourite blanket or stuffed animal, a change of clothes for any accidents or spills, and if desired, a small car seat pillow for naps. Carrying wipes along with you is also a great idea even if you no longer have children in diapers. These make cleaning up sticky fingers, spilled drinks and other travel messes quick and easy.

Check your Car for Problems – Engine, Tires & Overall Condition

 An essential part of enjoying a safe road trip is having a vehicle that is in good working order. Take your car to the shop before making a long trip to check the tires, oil and overall condition of your vehicle. Nothing ruins a family vacation and causes cranky children like being stranded for hours on the side of the road. If your car isn’t in a travelling condition, consider using a car hire service to rent a car especially for your vacation. Using a car hire service might also provide you with the opportunity to have amenities such as DVD players or extra seating that you might not get to enjoy in your own car.

Make Well-Timed Stops

Even the best children can get cranky and irritable when stuck in a car seat for long periods of time. Take a look at the route you’re using before starting your trip to find important stopping points such as rest stops, bathroom facilities, restaurants or hotels so you’ll know how far you have to travel between each place. Having a couple of fun or interesting sites planned along the way can also cut down on road trip boredom and give your children something to look forward to while travelling to your vacation destination.


By following the tips above, you’ll be able to create an organized, fun and safe vacation the entire family will enjoy!


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