My Romantic Private Boat Cruise Experience in Melbourne

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My Romantic Private Boat Cruise Experience in Melbourne

If you have children and a hectic life, you know how hard it is to find some romantic time away. Let’s be honest; as much as we love our munchkins, there is nothing like a night of adult fun once in a while. That’s why I booked a private boat cruise in Melbourne aboard the Oriental Queen. I am so happy that I did! Melbourne is famous for its party boat cruises and you can always visit a fun boat party in Melbourne, so a romantic private cruise seemed like a great choice!


Why We Decided To Take A Trip On The Oriental Queen

We decided to go with the Oriental Queen because it is known for being the best romantic boat cruise in Melbourne. The ship is lavish, beautifully decorated and crafted out of teak for a sophisticated and smooth sail! In addition to being one of the best party cruise ships in Australia, the Oriental Queen also offers an intimate experience for two, surrounded by the beautiful ocean waters! If you crave a little more excitement, take your significant other on one of their party cruises. The Oriental Queen is known to have the best party cruises for couples, as well as wedding cruises, business cruises and an amazing night out for all of your special events. You will sail through the beautiful Melbourne harbor and take in the city from an unparalleled view!

Once we had decided that we must book our romantic cruise with the Oriental Queen, we waited all week in anticipation of our big day. Let me tell you, it exceeded all expectations!


First Impressions Of The Oriental Queen

The Oriental Queen is not a tiny shoebox like so many harbor cruises. The boat is opulent, a traditional Chinese Junk that is handsomely built for maximum relaxation and luxury! In addition to being one of the most beautiful water crafts we’d ever been on, we were also impressed with the fully stocked bar, great menu and state-of-the-art amenities, like a fantastic surround system and great furnishings.

Both the interior of the craft and the outer decks were built with comfort in mind. Even people who worry about sailing and suffer from seasickness do not need to worry when they are aboard the beautiful Oriental Queen! The luxury boat is built to both travel effectively and keep its passengers in the utmost comfort throughout the trip. My husband and I both got a glass of champagne and positioned ourselves on the lovely deck in order to watch the sun set over the glorious Melbourne skyline. Divine!


Romance Is Alive In Melbourne

The romantic cruise itself was fabulous. The staff of the Oriental Queen were very attentive and took care of our every need, without being overbearing. We were able to enjoy each other’s company without having to worry about constant intrusions. The food was absolutely delectable and made from only the finest ingredients. We were able to enjoy a fantastic chocolate lava cake for dessert. It was the perfect temperature and accompanied by sumptuous vanilla ice cream. Talk about perfection! Also, it went really well with our glasses of champagne.

We enjoyed a romantic walk through the interior of the Oriental Queen, marveling at the intricate decorations and taking in the wonderful craftsmanship of this fabulous boat. When the sun dipped own over the horizon, we went out to the deck and enjoyed an unparalleled view of the night sky. When you are out on the harbor it is even more beautiful to watch the stars. I knew that this was an experience that I would not forget anytime soon!

My trip aboard the Oriental Queen was one of the highlights of the year. I would recommend that anyone who is interested in celebrating your anniversary on the cruise ship to check Oriental Queen Cruises out. Whatever your style, you will absolutely not be disappointed. Happy sailing!



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