5 Kid-Friendly Backyard Ideas On A Budget

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The backyard can be a place of beauty and relaxation that acts as a retreat from the rest of the world with the proper landscaping. It can also become a family’s favourite hangout spot with plenty of family fun. The expense of creating an oasis at home may have been causing you to put off creating your personal paradise for your kids and the whole family but it does not have to be expensive. There are some backyard ideas that you can create on a budget that will turn the drab yard into the aesthetic and fun spot for your children and your family no matter how small the budget is for them.

The first thing that you have to do is make sure the backyard is properly mowed and cleaned before you begin your project. You can hire a professional to mow your backyard. Rainfall and runoff through your yard will affect the outcome of some projects so they must be observed carefully to ensure they do not interfere. Careful planning will aid in the reduction of costs by ensuring that things are not taken apart and redone adding to the expense.

Gaining Privacy

Privacy fencing will allow you to enjoy the paradise you create by landscaping without worry that the neighbours can see everything you are doing. The cost for fencing is high however, you can create the same effect with shrubbery. Flowering shrubs will give you something pretty to look at while ensuring the neighbours and anyone else walking by cannot see directly into your yard.

Natural Sand Pit

Sandbox is just a BOX. But creating a sandpit in your backyard allows your children to play in a bigger space. This option is easy they can even help you make one. Pick out a shaded area and place bags of gravel in it. Large rocks are used to create patterns, paths and outline across the sand pit. This can be done with rocks that you find in your own yard, on walks or that you get from friends and family to save on the expense. Then, simply add the sand and it is done. Shrubs can be planted around the rock garden if you want.

Create a Garden with Planters

Building planters or raised beds for a garden can make it easier to care for and colour, or give you a food source right in the backyard. It is also a good way to teach your children responsibility and patience. Using seeds instead of starter plants will reduce the expense. You can use leftover pieces of wood to build them instead of purchasing new lumber. An old bookshelf can be used in a pinch. Pallets are an option that is inexpensive and easy to use as well.

Soaking Up in a Splash Pad

A splash pad is the perfect backyard retreat for kids on a hot summer’s day. Unlike, installing a swimming pool, a DIY splash pad is a backyard idea that takes a relatively little cost and space in your backyard. There are many places online where you can purchase splash pad kit. It offers homeowners a variety of do-it-yourself splash pad kits for residential installs. According to The Irrigation Shop, to ensure water safety at the forefront, the kits should include some water filtration equipment, such as a chlorinator or a UV light sanitizer/clarifier, a range of qualified nozzles/sprinklers in different sizes and safety surfaces.

Get Creative

Lawn chairs are inexpensive and great for laying out in but sometimes you want somewhere to gather and socialize. There are a number of ways to achieve this, and they are fairly cheap as well. Tree stumps can be unsightly and difficult to remove but with some imagination, you can turn them into something beautiful.

Hollow tree stumps can be filled with soil and used as planters. A chisel and hammer can be used to hollow out the inside of one that is not already hollow. Drainage can be created by breaking the stump at the bottom. Flowers will cover the stump adding beauty and utilizing something already in existence. The stump can act as a base for a birdbath or table to create a small dining area while landscaping the backyard.


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