Food Processing Business Ideas for Stay at Home Moms

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Being a stay at home mom starts to become boring after a while. Cleaning and taking care of the family can feel very limiting. Since staying at home is a commitment, it is important to keep it. Nevertheless, moms could switch things up by getting involved in activities that bring more challenges than they are used to. There are several business ideas for stay at home moms. Food processing enterprises are the best since they can be hosted at home. Such activities include baking, chocolate making or food packaging.


Vacuum packing meat

It is the process of removing air from food products and packaging them in sealed containers to prevent air from getting to the food. The method extends the product’s shelf life. The business can be done at home with the use of a vacuum packer. It is one of the best home business ideas since the vac pac machine can be used to vacuum-seal all types of food, therefore creating a larger market. Just like any other business, there are several factors to consider before getting into the food business.


Market research and business idea

The first step is always to identify the business idea. The product involved should have benefits to the target audience. A population such as that of Melbourne provides enough consumers for small businesses to want their products vacuum sealed. The product goes hand in hand with the market. A market research will help you find out which companies can provide you with business. It will also help you identify other similar business so that you can price competitively. For a home based industry you will have to target small companies around Melbourne. Huge companies manufacture and process their products ready to hit the shelves with a shelf life.


Business organization

The Law also recognizes home based companies. Your home food processing company will need to be defined. Since you are doing the business as a stay home mom, it can be a sole proprietorship or partnership. You will also need to give it a name for registration. All businesses need to be registered so that they can comply with regulations in that particular industry. Your company may also be required to take out specific insurance premiums. Most covers given to food processing companies include property and liability insurance. Such covers are also important for you in the case of accidents such as a fire.


Business compliance

The first compliance for food processing companies in Australia is food safety standards from Food Standards Australia. Such regulations are meant to protect both the industry and the consumer. The other compliance forms will mostly depend on conditions from the local health officer. Food inspection will also make a visit to your place of business to check out processing and labeling of products. Your food processing machinery will also have to be certified and top notch to avoid problems of contamination.



Packaging of products is one way to brand your business. Through packaging, you can advertise and present relevant information about yourself to the consumer. To avoid incurring extra cost, you can seek the services of another small company that does packaging. They may have better technology such as vacuum sealing. Always make the packaging attractive. Many consumer decisions are based on packaging. Remember to include the following information on your packaging

  • Name
  • Net quantity (by weight or volume)
  • Ingredient list (declining order)
  • Name and address
  • Best before date
  • Storage instructions
  • Nutritional information


Marketing and distribution

Marketing is going to be difficult at the beginning since it is a new product. It is important to market your products on the grounds of authenticity as a home based company. Put emphasis on product quality and differentiate products using pricing. Do not sell at very low prices. The product might look substandard.

Distribution for home businesses starts by direct selling to the consumer. Indirect selling can only begin once you have the resources to make your business a wholesale. The distribution process starts with finding prospective buyers and pitching your products to them. They may be one-time customers but may promote your business through word of mouth.
Always find out all regulations for food processing industries in the area. Some home based businesses are given exemptions depending on the field of operation. If your business is confined to Melbourne, you may not be required to obtain licenses for operating nationwide.

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