Family Car Buying Guide: How To Buy Your First Car

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You tend to find fabulous freedom when you buy a car. In fact, it is a rite of passage that you will always remember even after the car is gone. The possibilities that come with buying your first car are inexhaustible. You tend to find a whole new world to explore by having a new car.

However, to enjoy these exciting features, you need to plan on how to buy your first car. To this end, there is need to begin a car search. One of the first places most people tend to begin a car search is by going on the internet. Searching for a car on the internet exposes you to a whole lot of cars and whether you have a car model in mind or not, you stand a chance to get significant insight of the types of cars that you can be able to afford.



Do Your Research Well

By beginning your search online you can get a chance to compare both prices and vehicle history. In today’s world, people are looking to buy fuel efficient cars without necessarily having to see it physically or inspect it beforehand as they have the assurance that they will get what they see on the car sale websites. Nevertheless, most buyers who are willing to go out or travel prefer to make pre-purchase inspection.

Check for car buying services online. As soon as some preliminary research has been made online, it is good to visit a car dealer to take a close look of some of your preferred models. You will discover that several successive weekends might be required to go and inspect car lots around and within your local area especially if this is your first time to buy a car. To shorten this process, do an online search and narrow down a list of fuel efficient cars you would like to buy and then get an itinerary of car lots you want to visit during the weekend.



Decide Whether to Buy From an Individual or Dealer

Some folks believe that by going through a private seller, rather than a dealer to buy their first car, they stand a chance to find a better deal. Although you may be able to find a lower price through this means, there are, however, several advantages that come along with buying a car in Melbourne from a certified dealer. Dealers handle road worthy certificates, registration paperwork and in most cases, they try to get warranties that can cover the purchaser for a period of time.

You can get a big bang for your buck when you opt for a private car sale as you can be lucky to purchase a vehicle that might have otherwise gone out of their price range. Although it might not be intimidating to get a private vehicle sale, however, you must be prepared as a purchaser to handle all paperwork that is required to complete the transaction. Some of which include a valid registration, receipt of sale and a roadworthy certificate.



Negotiate Like a Pro

Do well to find the prices of other dealerships which you can print out and take along with you on your inspection tour. This will surely give you a better experience while you visit during the weekends. By so doing, you can be confident to tell a dealer to lower the price if the prices of the dealership you are visiting are higher than that of other dealerships. You can also use this as a leverage to begin price negotiations.

It is only when you have decided on the best small family car you prefer that you can then establish what you can afford and negotiate with the dealer to arrive at a purchase price. Your negotiation should be on one element of the deal at a time. Before moving on to discussing financing, ensure to establish the purchase price. Walk away if the seller refuses to meet what you would consider a fair price.


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Register Your Vehicle

Upon purchase, your vehicle must be registered. You may probably be wondering what steps you should take as a first-time car buyer. It is important to note that in Australia, vehicles are registered in the state of residence of the owner. Also, note that every state has its own unique vehicle regulations. Although for the most part, they are similar to each other.
When registering your new vehicle, there are certain documents that would be needed. They include a driver’s license, a receipt of sale, a roadworthiness certificate and an identification document. Also, a permanent address within Australia will be required for registration.


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Get Car Insurance

For any vehicle that must be driven on Australia’s roads, insurance must be maintained. Like any developed nation, an advanced insurance market is operated in Australia which offers several available options. A comprehensive insurance policy could cost between 600 AUD and 1,000 AUD yearly. Note that operating a vehicle without the appropriate insurance is a legal offense which often comes with stiff fines.


Plan on Financing Your Car

Purchasing the best small family car is indeed advantageous, however, it also brings about tremendous responsibility. When you become a car owner, you should be ready to make expenses that are significantly beyond the purchase price. You are bound to cater for some extra responsibilities such as maintenance, insurance, fuel, repairs and taxes. If you are an employee, check if your company offers a “novated lease.” As this will help to lower your taxable income by allowing you to pay for the cost and operation of your vehicle before tax.


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