5 Tips for a Healthy and Happy Long Distance Marriage

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During courtship, marriage is usually the ultimate plan for both persons in the relationship or at least one. When it happens, however, some hardships come along with it, and each marriage is faced with its hardships. One of the hardships is being in a long-distance marriage due to various facts most of which are work-related. This, however, does not mean that the marriage has to end as there are many ways to make it work if both of you are willing to compromise and make it work. The post below gives tips for a healthy long-distance marriage.

1. Communicate

This point comes up first because it is the most important one of them all. Communication is what makes people understand each other and live together or apart in harmony and is something that you will need to cultivate, and you will need it more than those in marriage and living together. Depending on your schedule, ensure that you greet your spouse each morning and tell them goodnight as well at the end of the day. Either way, do not overdo this to avoid making it mundane or appearing to be a nag.


Updating each other about the progressions in your life, how your day has been and other aspects about your life are important no matter how trivial the matter may seem to you. Also, do video call each other once in a while and if possible get to play a game or two together online. As you communicate, bring in some intimacy to spice things up a little bit. This will go a long way to keep your bond strong and intact.

2. Cultivate trust

This is quite hard, for one since you live separately and may take a while before seeing one another. Being open with your social life is very important if you want your spouse to keep on trusting you. With trust being there between the two of you, then you are assured that your marriage will last as long as neither of you breaks this trust. Often, talk about your insecurities and fears and reassure each other of your loyalty and faithfulness.


3. Commit and remaining faithful

Do not be in the marriage as a spouse only by title but involve yourself in their life through the commitment that you made when exchanging vows. Do whatever is possible to make your partner feel your presence even as you are miles apart through committing by supporting what they do and other plans they have as well. In short, be the partner that you promised to be while getting married. At the same time, remain faithful to your partner from wherever you are at all times to keep the trust intact and growing stronger.

4. Visit each other

The physical connection is very important which is why you must plan visits if you got the means. Being in a long-distance marriage, you always miss each other’s company and there is the urge to meet and spend time together. Depending on your routine and schedules including your financial abilities, plan visits that last for a while to connect. You can decide to interchange the visits to make it fair for both of you.

5. Work on a way to live together

Even with all the effort to try and make things work while living separately in different countries, eventually, you will have to make a way to live together if the marriage has to survive the test of time. Work on a way to make it possible for one of you to join the other and start living together as a couple and family after careful planning of everything including visa documentation and job opportunities.





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