5 Things Parents Can Do Before a Daughter Gets Married

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5 Things Parents Can Do Before a Daughter Gets Married

A daughter getting married is just as big a milestone in her life as it is for her parents. For many, all the joy and excitement can be tinged with a bit of sadness as you prepare to hand over your little girl to the love of her life. But a wedding actually provides a great opportunity for parents and daughters to spend quality time together and make lasting memories that the bride can carry close to her heart and she prepares to embark on the new chapter of her life.

5. Sewing Hen Party

This one will probably be a reserve for just mum and the girls, but a sewing party is great fun for women of all ages. You can gather plenty of beautiful fabric, easy-to-follow templates and maybe even whip up a special handmade gift for the bride that can be revealed at the end of the night.

4. Take a Trip

Family vacations are the foundation of many happy memories. Taking one together to spend quality time with just your daughter is a wonderful way for parents to connect and not feel swept away in the undertow of wedding planning. If time and budget are limited, a day trip to a nice city or afternoon at the beach is great options. If you have more flexibility, why not return to a childhood vacation spot and create new heartwarming memories together?

3. Host an Engagement Party

An engagement party offers parents the opportunity to kick off the wedding planning and prenuptial festivities while expressing their joy and happiness for their daughter. An engagement party is also an opportunity to truly welcome the spouse-to-be into the family, and an intimate engagement party dinner with the couple’s close friends and family members opens the gates to communication and new friendships for all.

2. Get in on the Planning

Don’t elbow your way in and take over without any regard for your daughter, but to extend your help and ask if she’d like you to take care of some of the logistics of the wedding planning. Hiring a caterer, securing details with the florist and making sure her dress is going to be tailored and ready on time are all small ways you can be included.

1. Mend Broken Relationships

No one is expecting you to work any miracles or forget any wrongdoings, but an effort to repair any damaged relations between you, your daughter or other close family members is probably the most sincere gift you could bestow upon her as her wedding approaches. Nothing is more stressful for a bride than knowing family members who have a troubled past and old hate among one another will be at her wedding.

Take a minute to call the person in question and issue an apology, or say whatever needs to be done in order to neutralize the situation.

If the trouble lies between you and your daughter, recognize that this wedding signifies the turning of a new page in her life, and it’s one you want to be a part of. Make an effort to show interest in the wedding, let bygones be bygones and enjoy the presence of the woman your little girl has blossomed into.

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