5 Kid-Friendly Bike Trails in Melbourne

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Do you remember when you would grab your bike as a kid and just have fun riding down the wide paths with friends? You must have had fun riding on those quiet roads without care. During those days, there was plenty of space and safety for you to have fun on two wheels. The good thing, though is that there still exist such scenic kid-friendly bike trails in Melbourne where your kids can have fun riding in.

It will be great for your children to exercise and enjoy the fresh air out in the open. You can even decide to join your children and go for a family ride together. Remember that until your child can demonstrate good bicycle control, behave safely when riding, and show a good understanding of the road rules, your supervision is essential. So, make sure that you teach your children everything about bicycle safety. It will not only keep your child safe but also improve their confidence in cycling.

Below are some of the best bike trails in Melbourne.

Jells Park, Wheelers Hill

This park is around 3 to 4 kilometres around the original Outback and is a popular biking place. Families enjoy riding in this park as they enjoy views of the trees that turn orange in autumn. It also provides enough shade during the summer months, making it perfect for all seasons.

There is a man-made lake that lies in the middle of the park, and you can ride on the track that circles it for a scenic view. This is also an exciting picnic spot where you can lay out your picnic basket and have a quiet family time before going down another trail.

Direction and reviews of Jells Park

Ruffey Lake Park, Manningham

This Ruffey trail is 2.1 kilometres and will give you the chance to explore the Ruffey Creek Linear Park or the Ruffey Lake Park. Even the youngest member of your family can have a good ride, which makes it great for the whole family. This trail is comprised of three playgrounds; two are big, and the third one is small. You can ride around the three playgrounds before heading home for the night as you look forward to the next time.

Direction and reviews of Ruffey Lake Park

Royal Park, Parkville

This park has two playgrounds where you can rest after the kids have had fun cycling around the flat, short and wide track. One thing to note, though is that this park is around a lake but can be a great spot when you don’t have so much time to spend cycling with the kids. This park is small also.

Direction and reviews of Royal Park

The Bay Trail

If you love the green scenery, you will enjoy cycling on this trail. What’s, you get a good view of Port Phillip Bay’s cool waters. You can even pack a towel and water gear if the weather is warm enough for a swim. The trail is on the edge of the bay, a distance between Seaford and Port Melbourne. It is a path that spans over 49 kilometres that you can have fun riding on with your whole family.

Unless your kids are comfortable riding through crowds, it would be wise to avoid the stretch between St Kilda and Elwood. It tends to be congested, especially during the summer months.

If you decide that this is the place to go, the best place is Elwood Beach car park or North Road. Just ensure you have budgeted for the hourly metered parking.

Whichever trail you choose, you are bound to find cafes, kiosks, and playgrounds that will help you and the kids take breaks and stay motivated to ride some more.

The tracks are mostly flat, which makes riding an easy task. You will also not find any vehicle traffic making this trail family-friendly. If your kids are small, you can bring a tag- along. This will make them feel a part of the riding gang, plus they can learn to pedal their own bikes.

Directions to The Bay Trail

Merri Creek Trail

This trail will leave you feeling like you are completely out of the city. It starts from the Ring Road where you get to feast your eyes on the magnificent horse paddocks, go through the congested north suburbs and finally out at the Yarra River. This is definitely one of the most appealing bicycle trails in Melbourne.

It tends to get busy on weekends as families and cycling enthusiasts tend to flock the place. Maybe it is due to its easy accessibility and pleasant views.

There is even a volunteer-run bike shed where you can get your bike fixed, borrow tools, buy parts or get a bike-fixing lesson.

Direction and reviews of Merri Creek Trail

If you are looking for the best bike trails in Melbourne, these are great places to start as you continue to explore and find other exciting kid-friendly bike trails!


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